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Danny's First Major Win with Kitty
I first learned about Vizslas when I was in college.  I had always liked the look of Irish Setters, but I could never see myself caring for that much hair.  My resident assistant in college had pictures of this gorgeous short-coated, rust-colored dog on her bulletin board, and I fell in love.  Once I graduated from college and had my first job, I went on the quest to get a Vizsla puppy.  Maggie was my first Vizsla, and she came home with me in 1981.  I had only intended to have her as a pet, so I had her spayed at my veterinarian’s recommendation.  In 1983, I decided that I’d like to get more involved in dog activities and bought my first competition dog, Dusty.  She started the ball rolling, and it hasn’t stopped since.  She was my first show dog and my first field trial dog.  Although not wildly successful in the field, she was a fabulous hunting dog and introduced me to field trialing and made me yearn for more.  I started judging field trials in 1987 and hunt tests quite a while later.  Joe and I were married in 1989, and we started sharing adventures with these crazy dogs together.

Joe & Phoebe with her Derby Trophy for winning a GSP Trial
When Kitty & I first got married, I was content to play the support role – driving to and from events at all hours of the day and night, holding dogs at ringside, getting dogs to the line at field trials, learning to scout, and just generally helping out any way I could.  Eventually, I got the bug to start running dogs on my own, and I handled Karat once when she was older and a little more settled.  Then Kitty gave me Marty to run – he was already finished, and she figured that he would teach me more than I could ever learn just watching.  So Marty and I became a team, and he tolerated my mistakes as I went along.  We won some very nice limited stakes along the way, and I began to really appreciate the joy of a well-broke gun dog and the relationship between the handler and dog.  In the process of running Marty, I earned the gun dog placements that I needed to qualify as a field trial judge and we then became licensed to judge hunt tests also.  Eventually, we retired Marty and I started running Bailey because he wouldn’t run for Kitty.  We have a great time and love watching him work.


We are members of the Vizsla Club of America, Conestoga Vizsla Club, Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland, Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey, and Penns Woods Pointing Dog Trainers Club.





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