When I bought my first Vizsla in 1981, I had no idea that I would eventually become as involved in the breed as I have.  I wanted a Vizsla for a pet, and it was only after I had bought Maggie that I started to learn how many venues there were available to pursue.  So I got a second Vizsla to show, and I ended up running her in field trials, also.  It all mushroomed from there. 


        In 1987, when we were expecting the arrival of our first stud fee puppy sired by Danny, Joe and I sat down at lunch to come up with a kennel name.  We wanted a variant of the number “3” to indicate the three disciplines in which we were involved – show, field, and obedience.  We sat down with a thesaurus and wrote down different ideas on a napkin.  We decided on the name “Triad” and drew up a design that had a triangle with the words show, field and obed. inside the triangle, intertwined with each other.  We still believe in competing in all three areas (although obedience is definitely my weak suit!) because a good field dog should still be good-looking and conform to the standard, while a good show
dog should still be able to hunt.  Anything less is not truly a Vizsla, as it was meant to be. 


We have been blessed to own several truly spectacular dogs:

                BISS, DC/AFC Riverbend Deacon’s Dandy CD VC ROM HOF

                NFC, DC/AFC Triad’s XXIV Karat Oakleaf CD VC

                BISS, DC/AFC Triad’s Dry Martini CD MH VC CGC TDI ROM
And we were privileged to have bred:
                NAFC, FC/AFC Triad’s Keepsake of Oakleaf MH, owned by Linda Kelly.
       We’ve also owned other dogs who may not have earned the titles that these four did, but were important to us nonetheless.  We have loved them all for different reasons, regardless of their accomplishments, and all of them have taught us something along the way. 


        Breeding litters has never been a priority for us – to do it right takes so much time and energy and other people can do it far better than we can.  But we are always available to offer information about the breed and potentially offer referrals to reputable breeders.  We have often had people come over to meet our dogs, so they can see if the breed is something they would want to live with.  We can advise you what questions to ask a good breeder, and what questions you should be prepared to answer. 


        Vizslas are NOT for everyone!  They are a very high-energy breed, and if you don’t keep them amused, they will literally eat your house!  They like to be involved with their human beings’ activities, even if it means accompanying their owners to the bathroom.  They don’t like to be left alone, particularly if you’re in the same house – they want to be with you and doing things with you.  If you’re looking for a dog that will be a good couch potato or hearth warmer, this is not the breed for you.  I’ve often wondered what my dogs were thinking, but I really don’t think I want to know – it might not be very complimentary!
         If you ever find yourself needing information or have questions, please contact us.
         Thank you for visiting us,
         Kitty snd Joe



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